Executive selection is the process of analyzing strengths and limitations of candidates, and comparing them to the needs of the assignment. Some selection criteria are objective and quantifiable based on factors such as education, certifications and years of experience. Other selection criteria require good judgment to evaluate, such as the depth and relevance of a candidate’s experience. Beyond that; style, attitude and behavioral issues are more subjective in nature and they be very difficult to assess. Candidates are seldom perfect so the selection criteria should be ranked by relative importance. If a candidate’s key strengths match up well with the most important needs of the assignment, a good manager is usually able to capitalize on the candidate’s strengths and find ways to compensate for any limitations.

Early in an executive search assignment, the consultant will consider the questions a candidate might ask and challenge some of the employer’s assumptions. Profiling the opportunity in a concise written format with appropriate terminology helps to assure that it will be clearly understood by others. A comprehensive search strategy with a disciplined recruiting effort provides objective data for making necessary adjustments. A cross section of preliminary candidates will be analyzed and discussed with the employer. Prospective candidates are screened and personal interviews are held at convenient locations, in a relaxed setting. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of the selection criteria and the best are recommended to the employer for further consideration. Following on site interviews by the employer; reference checks, testing and additional interviews may be used to resolve any concerns. Contact with alternate candidates is maintained in case they are needed for back up.

RMK has extensive training and experience with evaluation interviews. Each step of the selection process compares some aspect of the candidate’s background with corresponding selection criteria. The employer usually ends up with a difficult choice between two or three strong candidates. Confidential reference reports are supplied quickly, based on telephone interviews. Issues are resolved quickly and completely.

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