Some managers seem to have an intuitive knack for picking the right people on a given assignment. But most are poorly trained in executive selection and do not hire often enough to improve their skills. Knowing the likely consequences of a poor selection, hiring managers often find themselves in an untenable situation. Yet timely hiring decisions must be made on the basis of whatever information is available.

Past performance is generally considered to be the most reliable basis for predicting future performance but useful, reliable reference data is hard to obtain. Raw intelligence, motivation and “cultural fit” are important considerations but are difficult to compare. Skills assessment and psychological tests can provide some insight, but only when they are administered and interpreted by trained professionals who are familiar with the organization. As a practical matter, the managers with the best track record in hiring usually follow a good plan and insist on having a high quality group of candidates to choose from.

By this stage of the selection process, the search consultant will have developed the confidence and rapport necessary to serve as an effective mediator…providing the critical difference between a successful placement and starting over. Once the candidate senses a mutual interest, suppressed expectations come into the open and differences must be reconciled without embarrassment. As issues are isolated and resolved, the number of unknowns is reduced and better decisions can be made. A seasoned consultant knows whether continued negotiations are likely to produce the desired results…and help the hiring manager make timely choices.

RMK services go beyond a job well done with a placement guarantee. Client companies are assured of positive representation in the market. Candidates, references and other contacts are treated professionally, with privacy issues respected. Long-term client relationships are nurtured through occasional contacts. When advice is needed or other assignments develop, the client can expect an efficient response and consistent results.

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