The most effective means of control in an organization is getting the right people in the right assignments. Yet most organizations struggle with achieving this goal. Business managers, hiring executives and human resource professionals simply do not have the time, training or resources necessary to manage their selection process as effectively as they should. So when it comes to recruiting professional staff from outside sources, wise employers find an executive search professional they can trust. When the full impact of a recruiting effort is considered objectively, the decision to engage a consultant ultimately saves time; reduces risk and costs less than alternative methods that may have to rely on good luck.

Executive search professionals typically specialize in an industry group, functional area or geographic region. They can help an employer identify sources of talent and estimate the compensation and benefits that would be needed to attract a good candidate. They can help define the position and describe the opportunity in appealing terms. Most important, they can seek out and solicit potential candidates directly to gain their interest and respond to any questions they might have. They can screen candidates so the company considers only those candidates who are qualified and interested. They can facilitate the interview process; see that accurate information is exchanged promptly and help bring the selection process to an early, successful conclusion.

RMK has successfully recruited thousands of qualified professionals in a wide variety of disciplines for challenging assignments with well-known US and foreign companies. Employers get first-hand feedback from the marketplace and assurance that the logical sources were contacted. Prospective candidates can be assured of confidentiality and professional consideration. Results are guaranteed.

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